Cartmel Mussel Shaker Door Kitchen Range

The simple Shaker kitchen door design originated in 1747 in the North West of England by The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing - more fondly referred to as the 'Shakers'. The ‘Shakers’ were renowned for their simple living, architecture, technological innovation, and furniture.

They were responsible for creating the high-quality craftsmanship in durable, yet simplistic and understated designs of Shaker furniture - in this case Shaker kitchen doors. Using the 5 part panel, rail-and-stile technique, the Shaker door became synonymous with country and cottage-style kitchens that we still see today.

Over the years, Shaker-style kitchens have grown to encompass contemporary designs, yet they still retain the simplistic approach honed by the Shakers centuries ago.

If we look at the Ascot kitchen door range with its ultra-slim rails & stiles, it is a more contemporary design that suits many modern city and suburban homes. Whereas the more traditional cottage design comprises chunkier rails and stiles. The Windsor Shaker door range adds to the traditional cottage-style look with internal beading that frames the centre-panel.

How can I incorporate Shaker doors into my modern kitchen design?

Choose a clean look with as little detail as possible. Door ranges such as Ascot or Cambridge provide an uncluttered aesthetic that can be accentuated with minimalist door handles.

Contrast the colour of your kitchen doors - having an island or just the base unit doors in Cambridge Indigo or Cambridge Taupe and the wall units in Cambridge Light Grey, or Cambridge Mussel creates a focal-point but affords the eye-line an unobtrusive visual.

Ascot Smoke Blue and Super White Shaker Kitchen Doors

Windsor Cream Shaker Kitchen Door Range

How can I incorporate Shaker doors into my traditional kitchen design

As already mentioned, Shaker kitchen doors were designed with a traditional look in mind, so the choice is huge!

Choose a Shaker door range such as Windsor, Cartmel, or Cambridge kitchen doors.

Accentuate these with accessories such as plate-racks, chimney mantels and tongue-and-groove end panels to really add to that traditional kitchen feel.

How can I achieve a kitchen design that is both modern, yet traditional?

We like to call this a 'Transitional' kitchen design - by combining elements from a traditional kitchen range with those normally found in a more modern kitchen, a transitional look is achieved.

Choose a Shaker range such as Ascot, Windsor, or Cambridge, and combine the traditional doors with curved kitchen wall units, wine coolers, and thin Mirostone Composite Work Surfaces in moderation.

Cartmel Indigo Shaker Kitchen Door Range 

So with the advent of neutral tones, indigos, two-tone, paint-to-order and colour match, the styling combinations are only limited by your imagination!

Contact us today to see how you can realise your dream Shaker kitchen.